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“We just don’t understand where landowners fit in.”   Those words were uttered to us earlier this month when CAEPLA attended the annual CAMPUT conference in Calgary.    CAMPUT is the umbrella group for Canada’s energy and utility regulators, boards, and commissions.   The regulatory apparatchik we were talking to made the remark offhandedly, as if you, the landowner, were a mere afterthought – if that – in the consciousness of the people government pretends are looking out for the public interest in the energy transport sector.   CAEPLA has attended these conferences about every other year for the past decade. We feel it is important, as your watchdog, to understand the “enemy.” We call them the e

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CAEPLA - A Proven Approach

At CAEPLA we often get calls and e-mails from landowners seeking help dealing with a pipeline company when a land agent knocks on their door. Recently, we had such a landowner contact us from the United States regarding a pipeline that is being built in Vermont. The following is a letter Dave Core wrote in response to her concerns regarding pipelines and landowners and the lack of landowner rights. 

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CAEPLA Leading the Way to Pipeline Safety

CAEPLA is on the leading edge of pipeline safety. We have recognized for years that the regulations and the Canadian regulator, the NEB, have been a failure at making pipelines safer and holding pipeline companies accountable.

Why and how are the NEB and U.S. regulators a failure? Pipeline companies -- as in all regulated industries -- have very successfully influenced government legislation to create weak regulations. These

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NEB: Administrative Monetary Penalties

A recent article concerning the NEB's new policy regarding Administrative Monetary Penalties and how they will affect landowners.

Pipelines Present New Risks to Farmers Warns Landowners Group


The NEB Brochure clearly spells out that landowners fall under the imposition of the program and yet the NEB, as always, has no intention of notifying all pipeline landowners.

Administrative Monetary Penalties: Information for Landowners

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Fair Market Value: A Letter to Landowners Affected by BiPole III

What is fair market value? For land? For energy projects?  See the letter below written March 25th to landowners affected by BiPole III.


MBLC Letter

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Bring the Magna Carta to Manitoba

The following letter to the editor in the Manitoba Free Press and this explanation is the same for both powerline and pipeline corridors. Cick on the link below to view the letter. 


Bring the Magna Carta to Manitoba

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CAEPLA's Views On The Pipeline Safety Act: Bill C-46

The Federal Government has recently proposed new legislation, Bill C-46 entitled The Pipeline Safety Act. 

This is the first legislation put forward in the 55 year history of the National Energy Board (NEB) that attemps to respect pipeline landowners rather than transfer responsibilities and costs onto them. 

To read more on CAEPLA's view on Bill C-46 or to read the bill itself click on the links below.

Bill C-46 Article


Bill C-46

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Letter from Arnold McKee, Alberta Landowner

Arnold is a conscientious and proud rancher, he can tell you firsthand what happens once the first pipeline is put on your property. Be aware, you will get more pipelines and your land will become a pipeline corridor. Arnold describes how life is affected when that corridor is built close to your home.

Click here to read Arnold's Letter. 

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NEB - Government of Canada Pipeline Regulations: Criminalization of Farming?

New pipeline regulations proposed by the National Energy Board (NEB) shift the burden of constructing, operating and maintaining safe pipeline to farmers, who will face near automatic Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) or even Criminal Code prosecutions for failing to warn pipeline companies when pipelines cannot safely accommodate farming practices. Doesn't this sound backwards? On behalf of CAEPLA and landowners across Canada, the Manitoba Pipeline Landowners Association (MPLA) submitted a letter to the NEB urging the regulartor to shift the burdern to make pipelines safe back to pipeline companies where it belongs, and to avoid making criminals out of landowners and farmers. 


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Presentation to the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources: February 28, 2013

Dave CoreGood morning Honourable Senators. It is my pleasure to be talking to you from Calgary this morning by video conference. Our National office is situated in Regina, Saskatchewan, but I am in Calgary on personal business right now.

The Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations (“CAEPLA”, formerly “CAPLA”), is an association made up of regional member landowner groups from New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and associate members from across Canada, coast to coast.

CAEPLA’s objective is to assist Canadian pipeline landowners to address more effectively the impacts of energy pipel

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Dave Core, CEO & Director of Federally Regulated Projects, will be attending:

Saturday March 28, 2015: Chipman Legion, 10:00 am, 119 King St, Chipman, NB E0E 1C0, Ourland Landowner Meeting 

Saturday March 28, 2015: Lighthouse River Center, 3:00 pm, 1075 Main St. Hampton, NB, Ourland Landowner Meeting

Sunday March 29, 2015: Tobique Lion's Community Center, 2:00 pm, 61 Everett Lane, Plaster Rock, NB E7G 1N2, Ourland Landowner Meeting


Thursday February 12, 2015: Gibbons, AB, 2:00 p.m., Northern Gateway Landowner Meeting

Thursday February 12, 2015: Morinville, AB, 8:00 p.m., Northern Gateway Landowner Meeting

Friday February 13, 2015: Sangudo, AB, 7:00 p.m., Northern Gateway Landowner Meeti

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Jurgen Kohler Interview - Bipole III

Click below for an interesting interview as CAEPLA works across the country for respect of property rights. Jurgen has done a marvelous job at promoting property rights and advancing our issues. 


CKLQ Interview

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