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Anti-pipeline Activists Have No Intention to Lobby for Landowner Empowerment for Safer Pipelines

This article about pipelines in Wisconsin clearly shows how respecting property rights would address pipeline safety issues.

Contract law, enforced if need be by the courts, would allow for market insurance coverage. Government administrative laws, regulations and regulatory bodies have failed on these issues and will continue to fail at making pipelines safer.

These "supposed" safe pipeline activists do not and will not recognize that respect for property rights would provide the very solutions they say they are after. Why? Because respect for property rights will not just level the playing field wit

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Privacy Rights Are Property Rights

Privacy Rights Are Property Rights

Everybody has the right to privacy - even pipeline companies


Our recent post critiquing the reliance of some landowners on freedom of information (FOI) laws to help level the playing field when dealing with pipeline companies struck a chord with many landowners and seems to have touched a raw nerve for one irate industry critic. 

Indeed the gentleman who types the "Line 6B Citizens' Blog" in Michigan waxed a wee bit hyperbolic in response to our pro property rights post

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Davis "Bullying" Story not an Isolated Case

I have talked with TransCanada and the man in charge of lands on the company's Eastern Mainline pipeline project (applied for at the same time as the Energy East Project) concerning the complaint about land agent bullying. This gentleman stated that he believes his land agents would never bully a landowner and his proof is that he has seen the land agent's reports and his report does not "refer to any bullying." He said he would fire any agent that bullied and that there were no implications of that in the Davis case!!!!

I was assured that the company was not threatening landowners that TransCanada would apply to the NEB for Right of Entry on landowner's property to do the archeologic

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Minister Refuses to Meet with Manitoba BiPole Landowners

My attendance (Dave Core) at the Manitoba Legislature the other day was indeed unique. The Minister of Agriculture (Food), not only refused to answer direct questioning by MLA's concerning the implications to farmers of expropriation of their land for Bipole III, but he also refused to acknowledge the food producers seated in the gallery or meet with them.

Here is a press release from the Manitoba farmers and landowners present explaining how they felt.

Click Here to Read the Press Release

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On the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta, Manitoba Farmers Fight the Crown for their Property Rights

When King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 it was the first time the notion that "the law stood above the government took written, contractual form." The Magna Carta was a promise to the people that "no one could be bullied or expropriated by someone higher up on the social scale."

Yet that is exactly what is happening right now in Manitoba with the government's controversial Bi-Pole III hydroelectric project.

800 years after the Magna Carta was signed, Manitobans are fighting the Crown for their property rights as more than a hundered farm families have had their land expropriated by the Greg Selinger's NDP government.

It's interesting to note that the recently opened Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg was built around a cornerstone from the very sp

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Pipeline Land Agent Bullying

Brad and Karen Davis own and operate a sheep farm in Eastern Ontario. Following is their personal story of their experience with pipelines, dealing with pipeline company land agents and the effects of the National Energy Board (NEB) Act.

We purchased our farm in September 2012 knowing there were pipelines running through the farm, but not having any knowledge of what exactly that meant to us. Our farm is 400 acres with the pipelines splitting the farm into north and south halves. We operate a pasture based sheep farm where all 400 acres are used for rotational grazing.

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Property Rights and Privacy

Snooping on pipeline companies does not make them safer…

New legislation proposed in Michigan that would exempt pipeline companies from Freedom of Information (FOI) laws is being blasted by critics.

House Bill 4540 is being depicted as a threat to

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“We just don’t understand where landowners fit in.”   Those words were uttered to us earlier this month when CAEPLA attended the annual CAMPUT conference in Calgary.    CAMPUT is the umbrella group for Canada’s energy and utility regulators, boards, and commissions.   The regulatory apparatchik we were talking to made the remark offhandedly, as if you, the landowner, were a mere afterthought – if that – in the consciousness of the people government pretends are looking out for the public interest in the energy transport sector.   CAEPLA has attended these conferences about every other year for the past decade. We feel it is important, as your watchdog, to understand the “enemy.” We call them the e

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CAEPLA - A Proven Approach

At CAEPLA we often get calls and e-mails from landowners seeking help dealing with a pipeline company when a land agent knocks on their door. Recently, we had such a landowner contact us from the United States regarding a pipeline that is being built in Vermont. The following is a letter Dave Core wrote in response to her concerns regarding pipelines and landowners and the lack of landowner rights. 

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CAEPLA Leading the Way to Pipeline Safety

CAEPLA is on the leading edge of pipeline safety. We have recognized for years that the regulations and the Canadian regulator, the NEB, have been a failure at making pipelines safer and holding pipeline companies accountable.

Why and how are the NEB and U.S. regulators a failure? Pipeline companies -- as in all regulated industries -- have very successfully influenced government legislation to create weak regulations. These

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NEB: Administrative Monetary Penalties

A recent article concerning the NEB's new policy regarding Administrative Monetary Penalties and how they will affect landowners.

Pipelines Present New Risks to Farmers Warns Landowners Group


The NEB Brochure clearly spells out that landowners fall under the imposition of the program and yet the NEB, as always, has no intention of notifying all pipeline landowners.

Administrative Monetary Penalties: Information for Landowners

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Fair Market Value: A Letter to Landowners Affected by BiPole III

What is fair market value? For land? For energy projects?  See the letter below written March 25th to landowners affected by BiPole III.


MBLC Letter

Click Here to Read Letter

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