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Public Access to Private Land? There's an App for That

By Shawn Regan/Writers On The Range

 Not a day goes by without someone bemoaning the lack of public access to private lands in the West. Gone are the good old days, some say, when landowners welcomed visitors. Today, it often seems like there are "NO TRESPASSING" signs across every gate and orange paint on every fence post, blocking public access to hiking, fishing and other recreation opportunities on private lands.

Why are landowners so reluctant to provide public access? The problem might be that we just haven't figured out a simple and effective way to work with them. Knocking on doors to ask permission can be awkward and time-consuming, so many people avoid asking altogether. And while most of us treat other people's private property with respect, a fe

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Could the Falling Price of Oil Create Greater Awareness of Property Rights?

I received a number of calls last week from landowners who have not received lease payments on oil/gas wells this year. The wells are still pumping but the landowners have not received their yearly payment in the mail nor have they had a visit from a land agent representing the company. A telephone call to the company has not gained results either, so I am told. 

This is raising concerns, about industry bankruptcies and the potential for orphan wells and pipelines with no funding to clean up messes left behind. One concerned landowner, who has unpaid leases, has a company wanting to build another gathering line on his property and he is rightfully concerned about the future and companies walking away from their responsibilities. 

He feels he cannot afford

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NEB Doubles Down on First Nations Consultations

New environmental rules for pipeline projects could be bad news for farmers.

Changes to the National Energy Board (NEB) pipeline approval process announced last month by the Trudeau Government do not bode well for farmers, ranchers, and other rural landowners. 

Not that the NEB has ever been a friend to landowners.

But the changes - which include requiring the Board to consult even more intensely with First Nations governments, and to assess even more thoroughly the alleged carbon impact of every aspect of a project - promise to marginalize landowners like never before. 

Nowhere do the changes recognize the

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Green Scheme Puts Your Property Rights In Peril

Landowners should be very nervous when Alberta and Manitoba NDP governments team up.

Brace yourselves, Prairie landowners.

The only two provincial NDP governments in the country are talking energy transport.

To nobody's surprise, the conversation is not about removing obstacles to pipeline projects.

It's about creating a western power grid to export Manitoba's hydroelectric power to a province that under Rachel Notley's NDP is phasing out the clean coal currently generating almost all of Alberta's electricity. 

So Notley needs to come up with an affordable replacement for all the coal fired energy t

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Pipeline Landowners Caught in the Crossfire

In the name of the environment, green activists put the lives and livelihood of farm families like yours at risk

In the name of pipeline safety and protecting the environment, anti pipeline environmental activists have...put pipeline safety and the environment at risk

Three environmental activists invaded an Enbridge valve site on a Sarnia, Ontario area farm this week to shut off the flow of oil through Line 9 and chain themselves to equipment.

Not only did the trespass, occupation and vandalism threaten pipeline safety and create potential for a leak or spill - the very things the activists fraudulently claim to oppose - the invasion put a f

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Pipeline Landowners Stand in Solidarity with Farmers Fighting Alberta's Controversial Bill 6

Property rights are key to preserving the family farm.

It is with a sense of alarm but also encouragement that we are watching the progress - if you can call it that - of the Alberta NDP government's Bill 6.

Alarm, because we view the bill - which claims to be about farm worker safety - as yet another violation of the rights of farmers, ranchers, and other landowners.

Encouragement, because those same Alberta farmers and ranchers have risen up to defend their fundamental rights even as the Notley NDP pushes hard to close debate on Bill 6. 

The Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations (CAEPLA) is a national grassroots property rights advocate with a special focus on safety and environmental issues arising from landowner deali

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Why Pipeline Landowners Need to Pick a Side

 And why industry needs to kick its expropriation addiction

This is one of the better summaries of the crisis facing the Alberta and Canadian economy we have come across in some time.

And it is a crisis: when a resource based economy like Canada's can no longer effectively export a key product, that economy risks collapse.

When it comes to oil and gas Canadians can thank green activists, a compliant mainstream media, and pandering politicians for paralyzing the pipeline industry and preventing us from getting those products to market.

The impact of this insane self-imposed blockade is alr

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NEB Confirms that no Standards Exist for Maintenance of Depth of Cover Over Pipelines After Installation

By John Goudy

The National Energy Boad ("NEB") has just released its report into its investigation of various whistleblower allegations made against TransCanada PipeLines Limited (read the report here). I haven't read through the report in full, but I was drawn to the section dealing with inadequate cover over a pipeline. In its observations, the NEB notes that:

"Other than during the design and initial installation of the pipeline, CSA does not address requirements for maintaining the depth of coverage during the life of the pipeline. In a general sense, OPR section 6.5(1)(e) requires companies to: identify the hazards and potential hazards

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TransCanada Corporation May Be the Best Dividend Stock on the TSX 60

By Benjamin Sinclair

Of the highest-yielding stocks on the S&P/TSX 60, seven pay out more in dividends than they make in income. Two others - Potash Corporation of Corporation and National Bank of Canada - are making shareholders very nervous. 

Oddly enough, the last name on the list is TransCanada Corporation (TSX:TRP)(NYSE:TRP), whose Keystone XL pipeline proposal was just rejected by U.S. president Barack Obama. As of this writing, TransCanada's dividend yields nearly 5 percent and could easily be your best dividend option on the TSX 60. We take a closer look below. 

A stable business

Plummeting oil prices have not been helpful to TransCanada. As energy firms cut back on drilling, they need fewer pip

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BC Judge Backs National Energy Board Power

Court ruling does not bode well for property rights or democracy.

When it comes to energy transport projects, a British Columbia Supreme Court ruling this week confirms what CAEPLA has been saying for years, the National Energy Board (NEB) is itself supreme, and its decisions trump those of all other levels of government.

The case resolved around the eco-activist Mayor of Burnaby's use of that city's bylaws to obstruct Kinder Morgan's TransMountain pipeline expansion.

While it is not yet known whether Burnaby will appeal, the judicial reinfrocement of NEB power does not bode well for landowners. 

The ruling is a clear denial of

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Is It A Bird? A Plane?

The next time you look up, you may see the latest safety tech embraced by pipeline companies...

Landowners are the pipeline industry's "first line of defense." It's a concept industry has long touted, and one CAEPLA wholeheartedly agrees with.

But farmers and ranchers are beginning to see some competition when it comes to just who - or what - constitutes energy transport's first line of defense. And it comes in the form of technology.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones as they are more commonly known, first became familliar to the public from their use by the military in places like Afghanistan. 

But drone technology is increasingly being deployed closer to home. Many ranchers are using them to monitor herds, and pipeline companies are experi

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Pipeline Politics

Will Trudeau promote pipelines and make the NEB respect your property rights?

 Canada's 42nd federal election is finally over.

Justin Trudeau is in with a majority and Stephen Harper, styled by some the "pipeline prime minister," is out.

CAEPLA of course is non-partisan but that won't stop us asking what you and pipeline landowners across the country are wondering right now: what will the Trudeau Liberal government mean for pipelines and property rights in Canada.

No new major pipeline projects were completed on Mr. Harper's nearly ten year watch, despite the moniker.

We already know PM-elect Trudeau is supportive of TransCanada's controversial and long delayed Keystone XL, the Canadian leg of which was completed with CAEPLA's assist

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